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Returning to arranging in your churches We have had a number of enquiries seeking advice about going back to arranging flowers in your churches. Trying to work out all the various edicts coming down from on high (C of E) is not easy and frustrating, I know. As an organisation the only advice we can offer to our members is simply that they should follow the guidance/advice being given by their respective diocese, as this seems to differ slightly from diocese to diocese.

Please discuss with your incumbents/churchwardens how best you might safely return to arranging and follow the guidance of the incumbent/churchwardens in force in your diocese/parish . If you are allowed to return to arrange flowers you must follow all guidance on safe distancing and hygiene, again, in accordance with what is in force in your diocese/church.

Wishing all a safe return to arranging.

Laurie Little
CEFAA National Secretary


Subscriptions for 2020/21 are now due and a good number of members have already sent their cheques to our Treasurer. Due to the current restrictions on movements the Treasurer has said that cheques being received may not be paid into CEFAA’s bank account for some time, so don’t worry if you don’t see them cleared on your bank statements.

If you are concerned as to whether your cheque has been received you can call or e-mail Sonia Kingsland or Laurie Little, using the details in the magazine, who will be able to confirm receipt.

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Throughout history flowers have been brought to places of worship. Today flower arrangers from all over the country carry on the tradition, arranging and caring for flowers in the tranquil setting of their parish churches.

The Church of England Flower Arrangers’ Association (CEFAA) was founded in 1981, in the Liverpool Diocese, to help and encourage all those who tend flowers in churches and link them in fellowship and friendship. It is open to all those baptised in the Christian Faith. The aims are to expand interest in church flower arranging, to use talent to enrich places of worship and to use flowers as part of worship and to support what theology and creation try to teach.

CEFAA is a registered charity with a constitution that covers the work members do in churches, church buildings and at church events. The Association is not a sponsored organisation and is non-competitive. A quarterly magazine “Faith & Flowers” is sent to all members, containing an exchange of news, views and announcements.

The Association has its own prayer, which can be viewed and downloaded here.

The Association’s branches are active in many ways: holding workshops and demonstrations on flower arranging, crafts and also other social events relating to flower arranging in parish churches and in some cathedral churches.

Branches are based on the Anglican dioceses in England although not all dioceses have their own branch. CEFAA currently has branches in Derby; Liverpool; London; Southwell & Nottingham and York.